On Track

Walking, just moving forward, but little was known about the final destination. There was total trust and love that filled internally, which fueled some inspiration.

The track that lead to this point is under review and the reflection causes a connection. Negatives to positives, and reverse, it all holds some satisfaction. This is the outcome of then into the now or at least, the conclusion.

7 responses to “On Track”

  1. I enjoy your writing. I think it was you who had a post with a bunch of pictures of Anchorage. I stumbled on it from some other post. They were very good pictures and it made me homesick.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it🙏 Hope you can go back to Anchorage soon!

  2. Your last two posts, this and ‘Forest of the Unknown,’ have revealed a style of poetry writing that is new to me where you have two sentence paragraphs with the second rhyming with the first. I really like it!

    1. In a world of content overload, it’s challenging to be seen as original or even creative, so I am glad to hear you found something new in my poetry. Thank you for taking time to read my posts and the feedback, I truly appreciate it.

  3. Such beautiful poetry. And the pictures are gorgeous! 🙂

    1. Thank you🙏😊

      1. You’re so welcome. 🙂

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