La Lune

Once a month, the full moon comes out to shine her bright, cold light during the starry night. She is exactly opposite of her counterpart, the sun and so when she is full, she is able to shine her brightest. During her complete phase, she reminds us that like her, we too will reach our fullest potential when the time is right.

Her destiny is to move in phases, as she dances across the sky. Sometimes she is blue, orange, pink, purple, and even red, but mostly she is silver. She is invisible on the most rare occasions and moves constantly to reveal multiple sides of her. The darkest hours are filled with her light, even if it’s just for a short while. She will always show us there is a process to this cosmic dance and light that lives within all of us, is there no matter what phase of life you find yourself.

7 responses to “La Lune”

  1. I love incorporating the cosmos into my work as well. Beautifully written.

    1. 😊Thank you💫

  2. I love it! Bravo!

  3. beautiful posts – allowing to breathe out apathy, defeated. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the feedback🙏🙂

  4. Nice one👍🏻

    1. Thank you🙏

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