Return To Self

Upon the waking state, hectic thoughts rush forward and the afterlife memories are quickly scrambled into confusing. Drifting in the Ether makes things a lot clearer, but so much is lost in the translation upon return. The veil covers the roads, flips everything from one side to another and keeps it all seperated.

Unknowns continue throughout the journey and so, the study begins. Pop quizzes happen often, but the final exam is to be determined at a later date. Trying to understand ideas that are not understood in this waking life, opens a new path to knowing the true self. Naturally, inspired to find a way to remember the adventures in the Ether realm and return with translated meaning that is destined.

Ultimately, it becomes challenging to be present in one life while being connected to the Ether. The ground life is caught up in so much chaos and the main goal is to survive with the gold. Keeping up with the world is a dead end life, for it is playing a game already lost. Thus, return to the loving being you are and translate into self-empowered.

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  1. Beautiful writing.

    1. Thank you🙏❤

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