As time moves us further apart from the many dreams that were the best wishes, we find ourselves lost. There was so much potential, but to live in this life comes at a high cost.

The tides all come and go as they please, with no moment to be still. The old memories are intoxicating and temporarily keeps the mind fulfilled.

When reviewing yesterday, time appears to be robbed, which makes it difficult to look forward to tomorrow and move on. Always in the heart, but it doesn’t change the heavy fact that life with you is forever gone.

This is dedicated to those who have lost a loved one to life or death🖤

Hyperlapse by Me /
Audio: Embers by Max Ritcher &
If Tomorrow Starts Without Me read by Tom O’bedlam

7 responses to “Always”

  1. We are all in difficult time..Take care 🥰

  2. Love the hyperlapse. This is my kind of thing.

    1. 🙏😊Thank you!

  3. Liked it very much. Motivating post.😊

    1. Glad you enjoyed it😊❤ Thank you🙏

      1. You are welcome

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