Carry the memories within the sweetheart

Anticipate the remedy within the restart

Luckily the meanings within the stars

Mind the dreaming within the dark

21 responses to “Calm”

  1. So amazing..!

    1. Thank you🙏⭐

      1. Most welcome..!

  2. Beautiful poem. STUNNING

  3. Beautiful poem! STUNNING beach photo!!!!

    1. Thank you so much!!!🙏🤗

  4. Dayaline Sivakumar Avatar
    Dayaline Sivakumar


    1. Thank you🙏😊

  5. I like this flow

  6. Love to read your Poem and what a beautiful Photo

    1. Thank you🙏🤗

  7. Very beautiful 💛

    1. Thanks🙏🙂

  8. Beautiful poem

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