The Real You

There once was a child born under a winter Sun and a winter full Moon.  She grew up in a world full of broken and sad people.  Drifting throughout this waking life, she too became broken and sad.  Though she became like those around her, she would often find herself during those wondrous sunsets and special moon moments.  She realized that she was not really meant to be like the majority, so she decided to find the real her and be that unconditionally.

Her life was a balancing act, much like the opposing sun and moon that started her story.  Most of the time, her emotions and thoughts would get the best of her, pushing her into solitude.  This forced evaluation of her story and the findings were not easy to acknowledge.  The times she was really her were too few and rare moments, which was no longer acceptable.  So, she began to search for solutions, but how does one become their true self fulltime in this waking life?

Finding one’s self is a journey that seems to lead to more breaks than success, as many have tried and few have survived to tell the tale.  Knowing this could be enough to turn back, but she refused to be in this life bounded by unnecessary sadness anymore.  She began to observe others actions, while listening to what they truly had to say.  Finding those who are sad often speak themselves into happiness, which is only temporary.

In the vast library of past and present explorers of the self, many ideas to becoming one’s true self are declared the perfect route.  However, the most important key to knowing thyself and becoming the real you, all align with being whole.  The idea being that throughout our life we become fragmented by the many experiences we live out and it isn’t until we become whole again that we can achieve authenticity.  That sounds easy enough, become whole and thus, you are the real you.  Problem is, there is a very crucial question at hand, how does one become whole?

Well, her quest is still in progress and luckily, the afterlife holds more promise to explore the unanswered questions.  The main take away is that the road ahead is leading to a place of becoming the true self, instead of what the environment promotes.  She found that by striving for completeness every single day and doing one thing that brings bliss, ultimately, takes you closer to becoming the real you.  If you had the chance, why not find the way to become complete in this life.  That is, if you are prepared to become the real you.

8 responses to “The Real You”

  1. Nice, I can relate it

  2. This is very powerful..!

  3. I enjoyed this very much! X

  4. You have a very powerful voice. The best way I know to get in touch with yourself is by writing. Poetry, stories, your journal, anything! I didn’t write for a long time and it was very lonely and caused me to have a mental illness. I am much better now that I write and have an outlet. I love your photography too!

    1. Thank you so much🙏 I appreciate you sharing some of your journey💫 Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day✨

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