Qui Vivra Verra

Those who live, shall surely see; or as our French friends would say: “Qui vivra verra.”

As most of us are living restrictions these days, we need to remember to live our lives. Life is not only a physical one, but rather, life is an experience of many senses. During these times, you can work on improving your state of mind, your responses to external events, and you will see everything eventually aligns in your life. So keep calm and carry on, as time will tell you all the important details of your journey.

5 responses to “Qui Vivra Verra”

  1. Woww!! This is amazing..! I know french..! Indeed! Time will tell!!💖🤗

    1. Qui Vivra Verra, is one of my favorite French phrase and it is very true💟

      1. Wow!! That’s so nice!! You know french?🤗

  2. So true, our existence is on many levels. It is time to embrace mindfulness. Stay well.

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