Almost lost the self, but mostly got rerouted to find oneself.

Near the ocean where shells are found, that’s where you can finally hear the soothing sound.

While the moment is now sitting in a frame on a shelf, the reminder lives on as something profound.

7 responses to “Almost”

  1. Wow! How sweet!! So beautiful..!😍🤗

    1. You are so sweet, thank you✨

      1. So happy to hear from you dear..! My pleasure..!🤗

  2. Sounds lovely

  3. Love this and I love how you visually depict the experience as “the moment is now sitting in a frame on a shelf…” This brought a smile to my face and heart; thanks for sharing your beautiful insights. 💙🌠🌟💙

    1. I am glad to hear this one brought a smile to you, that is my main goal for everything I write🙏😊💌

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