The Tree reveals the true side is underneath the beautiful green leaves. Each branch moves and bends, showing the meaning of standing tall in self-belief.

13 responses to “Underneath”

  1. Woww!! Very BEAUTIFULLY penned dear..!🤗

    1. Glad you liked it🤗💟✨

      1. 🤗🤗💖

  2. I enjoyed this… and it’s wonderful to stand near the trunk of tree and look up at the complexity of crossed branches and all those leaves. 🙂

    1. i love doing that too. each tree is so remarkable

      1. Indeed, they are 🌞

  3. Love your words ❤

    1. Thank you😊💚

  4. Awesome capture and well written.

    1. Thank you Teresa🙏✨

  5. Many thanx for including the awesome photo.

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