Rise of the Resistance

I finally got to experience the Rise of the Resistance ride, here is how it went🙌

POV Vlog

8 responses to “Rise of the Resistance”

  1. Looks even more amazing than I thought!!

    1. It truly was an amazing ride🎢

      1. I gotta check it out!!!

  2. I’m sorry but it looked like a lot of walking about. What did you “ride”?

    1. Part of the ride is walking through different areas for various story plot points, the actual sit down part of the ride starts 3 minutes into the video. Hope you have a great evening🙂

      1. Oh, I didn’t make it past 02:47:00 of the video. Sorry short attention span. Were you in California or Florida to visit? Cheers and happy weekend 🎆

      2. It was in CA🙂

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