Full Harvest Moon 2021

Full Harvest Moonrise shot above and close up shot posted on IG below, enjoy💫

Hope you all have a beautiful day

11 responses to “Full Harvest Moon 2021”

  1. it was such a gorgeous moon 😍 Great photo!

    1. Yes, it was🧡 && Thank you😊✨

  2. Thanks for the image and the inspiration. Happy Fall!

    1. Thanks for stopping by🙂 Hope you have a great Tuesday✨

  3. How did you capture that?
    Fantastic photo!

    1. I took this with my Nikon Coolpix camera and thank you🙏🙂

      1. Incredible! You’re welcome 😇
        Thank you too for your kindness and support!!!
        Did you connect it to a telescope?

      2. No telescope was used, I just zoomed in with my camera.

      3. Wow 🌖😮 😯 so so awesome

  4. Ooh, great shots! It’s starting to feel like Halloween!

    1. Thank you and yes, it does feel like Halloween season started🎃

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