The Afterlife Visitors

As the stars dance outside,
the journey begins inside.

Walking down a dark hallway,
a strange intruder jumps into the doorway.
Rushed out to jump down three floors,
then ran next door.
In that house, there I stood,
face to face with the God of Voodoo.
In a hurry, went backwards into a closet,
no time to be upset.

Running into a dark alley,
the heart began to beat rapidly.
Looked up, as lighting flashed to see,
a 40 foot Giant Alien looking down at me.
Breathing heavy, ran back,
hoping he doesn’t try to follow and attack.

Found a crowded street, people gathered,
celebrating the sweet life together.
There the Reaper standing across the way,
as the crowd disappeared, he turned away.
Felt shock, as Santa Muerte notices me,
he rushed and shifted into a demon.

Was drenched in sweats so mean,
it all happened in the afterlife, or as most would say, it was just a bad dream.

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  1. and i thought my dreams were sick LOL

  2. Happy Hallowe’en

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