What Do You See?

Do you see polariod film error or do you see something else?

8 responses to “What Do You See?”

  1. I see what could be a portal to another dimension. But then, I’m a science fiction fan 🙂

    1. That’s a good perspective😉👍🌌

  2. I see a water spout. Thanks for asking. And you?

    1. Water spout is interesting🤓👍

  3. I’ll go with portal to another dimension. I like that answer.

    1. I like that answer too🌌😊✨

  4. Rudi A. Blondia Avatar
    Rudi A. Blondia

    Polaroid errors simply are the best, regardless in which format you shoot it or which film stock you use. They all have their typical failure modes, all make for magic.

    1. Polariods are indeed magical✨ You never know what your going to capture until it develops🙂

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