The House of Dragonflies

There once was a time when all mystical beings existed alongside mankind. Houses were formed and life was upheld by understandings between the many people, but no one achieved power like the fairies of the West. Since the great battle of darkness, they were the keepers of peace for over a 1000 years. Their family was better known as, The House of Dragonflies.

During the great battle of darkness, it is said that the Great Shadow King of the South end realm, was about to push his sword into the Fairy King’s heart and his plan for eternal darkness would begin. However, the Fairy King saw a tiny Dragonfly land on his sword and it instantly turned into a giant, fire-breathing Dragon. The King and his army were invigorated, as the Dragon began to spit fire onto the Shadow King and his army, forcing them to disintegrate into nothing. Once the battle was won, the Dragon returned to her form of a Dragonfly and went off into the Sunrise. From that point on, the Fairy King declared his kingdom and kin, as the House of Dragonflies, which was represented by the tiny creature.

Songs and legends were passed down to the following generations, but like many tales from the past, time drifted the tales into oblivion. Now the young princess of the House of Dragonflies, named Draca, was to be married off to Lord Melvin, of the House of Marcap, and as you can imagine, she was not happy with this arrangement. After all, she was a descendant of the greatest Kingdom that ever ruled and though the kingdoms of all have prospered for many generations, Draca would always find herself in the stories of the past, knowing that peace would not last forever. She was a free spirit that always dreamed of meeting a real Dragon, as no one has seen a Dragon since the Fairy King’s victory.

So, Draca did what any young, fearless Fairy would do, which was go out and find an adventure that would lead her to the Dragon. She left at night, of course, and found herself in the deep heart of the Forest. Many creatures were around and protected her, as they knew she was the descendant of the Dragonflies. One night a dragonfly flew right before her and redirected her to another path. The dragonfly seemed to insist that she head South, so she walked for many days and nights until there was no more forest. She found herself the furthest from home and was completely fearless. Standing at the edge of the Earth, she noticed there was a waterfall leading to the unknown of the South realm, the forbidden grounds, which were once ruled by the Shadow King.

The falls were beautiful and the fog across the body of water made it appear curious. So, Draca climbed down the large cliff, she found a way to make a floating raft out of wood and leaves that were around the shoreline. Draca was not thinking at this point, just going towards the unknown with wonder. She finally hit the shoreline of the South realm, it was colder and extremely mysterious. She walked up the hill and found the ground was barren. She thought, “Could this be the land where the great battle took place?”

She continued to walk through the barren land into the hill and found something extraordinary. Another Kingdom of people who she never heard about. They were her size, but had scales on their skin, all different shades and sizes. The guardsmen summoned her to the Palace, as the King and Queen were waiting for her arrival. Puzzled that her appearance was expected, she followed the guardsmen. As she entered the great hall that was lined with gold and many pillars, she began to rethink her family’s legacy. Perhaps they were not the most powerful Kingdom, as she was raised to believe.

King Drillion and Queen Dahlia of House Dragathian, welcomed Draca and said they were waiting for her arrival. Again, she was very confused as to how these people existed and have yet to make their presence known to the realms of many. She was told that the Shadow King had captured their Kingdom and was set to conquer the realms of all the North, but they interfered by sending the Fairy King the Dragonfly. The Dragonfly would only transition to its natural form, if the intention of the person were true. Since the Fairy King wanted to protect all realms and was willing to lay his life down for this cause, the Dragonfly turned into a Dragon to help fulfill his mission.

Draca smiled with pride, but quickly noticed the same Dragonfly that directed her to the South appeared once again. This tiny dragonfly went behind her into the middle of the great hall and transitioned into the Great Dragon. In complete shock at the enormity of the dragon, she stood still. Queen Dahlia got out of her throne, walked towards Draca and grabbed her arm to lead her close to the Dragon. She took her hand and placed it on the dragon’s nose, as the Dragon made eye contact with her, Draca was filled with purpose.

King Drillion yelled out and declared a feast would be held in Draca’s honor. During dinner, she found that the people of Dragathian are not people that can be seen by just anyone, as only Dragon Kin can see one another. There was a time when all types of people mixed and lived in harmony together, but the Shadow King separated everyone, forcing all to live apart. The Dragon people were forced into a realm of solitude from the others, and so, it is said only a descendant of Dragon Kin can come into this realm.

Draca was complete, she finally knew who she was and where her life would go. The Kingdom welcomed her and she began to learn the true way of protecting the realms. The nameless heroes of peace, that continue to protect, not for glory, but for peace across the realms. Her life meant so much more now and it was only just the beginning.

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  1. Fabulous. It’s so interesting that I couldn’t take my eyes off for a moment. Brilliant.

    1. Thank you Aparna, I am so glad to hear you enjoyed my short story😁 This is only the beginning🐉

  2. Wow! Such a cool story. I believe it. Long live the House of Dragonflies!

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed this one and House of Dragonflies has only begun🐉

  3. This is an enjoyable story and its meaning. The details, of course, are imaginative. It’s good to know there can be dragon guardians.

    1. Thank you and I appreciate your feedback🐉

  4. This story has captured my heart! May I repost it with you as a “Guest artist?” Oh, please make my day and say, Yes!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it & YES, feel free to repost😊

      1. Thank you so much for the Honor!

  5. I have reposted it on my site at
    Please look it over to make sure it is all there correctly for you and let me know if I need to change anything

    1. Looks good! Thank you for a guest appearance on your blog, I appreciate you🙂🙏

  6. Love these words. Thanks Anita

    1. Thank you Anita😊🐉

  7. Love it! And I want to know what comes next!

    1. Thank you Katie😊🐉

      1. You’re very welcome!

  8. Love the story and this world of dragons! 💕🐉

    1. Glad to hear you liked this one🐉

  9. So glad you liked this one🐉

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