The Batman (2022) Movie Review

Batman is arguably the most popular superhero and it could be because his character is the ultimate ego fantasy. Unlike other superheros, Batman is not gifted with any super powers, so he does it all as a mortal man with strong detective skills. Batman gets to be the hero, fighting crime with no limits by night and he turns back into Bruce Wayne, the richest bachelor by day. Not to mention, he has Alfred who is a loyal friend by his side, access to the newest gadgets and drives the fastest, coolest cars.

So it no surprise that we have another Batman (2022) movie. This interpretation is very dark and at times gruesome, much like the Batman: Arkham video game series. The score, pace, and action made the 2h56m run time flow without a drag. Also, Robert Pattinson is surprisingly great as Batman, however was a little too Emo as Bruce Wayne. I nearly forgot Colin Ferrell was in this movie, he is completely unrecognizable and captivating as Penguin. The other cast were great as well and the cinematography was phenomenal. My favorite part of the movie was the batmobile reveal, which lead into the most spectacular car chase scene of all time. Overall, a solid 10/10 for me🦇

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  1. Excellent movie review. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thank you🙂🦇

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