Planetary Parade

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  1. Yes!!! They are so evenly-spaced too, wow.

    The last time this happened in 2004 inspired me to get a weekend job and buy a telescope, and motivated me to study at school to go to university and study astrophysics. It changed my life haha. I was just amazed, I went out each clear night to go and see the alignment whilst I could.

      1. That’s so awesome!!! The stars are truly the best subject to study✨ By any chance, did you capture photos with your telescope?

      2. There were some older photos of Jupiter I couldn’t find which showed the cloud bands (and taken with a 2004-era mobile phone!) but here are most of them. They are taken with a digital camera held up to the eyepiece, from around 2007. There are pictures of the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus (daytime pictures of Venus in crescent phase).

        Most impressive I think are Saturn and the Moon which are pretty close to what you see in the eyepiece of that telescope! Sadly I don’t own the telescope anymore after moving around so much and haven’t had the opportunity to do astronomy in quite a while, but would love to again!

      3. The Saturn photos are stunning!!!! They are all so beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing with me and I hope you find a way to get a telescope soon!!!

      4. Thank you!!! Glad you got to appreciate them :D.

        It’s true the Saturn pictures seem surreal even now. I also had a smaller telescope whilst at university and an amazing experience I had was showing some of these things to people for the first time, as they were walking past when I was living on the campus in the first year. They thought it must be a sticker on the eyepiece, it was too picture-perfect! There’s really something about seeing these things so familiar from pictures with your own eyes for the first time, it’s a unique experience.

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