A Part

A part of the path unfolds, but remain strong.

Apart from love for so long, not sure if there is something ahead other than being alone.

10 responses to “A Part”

  1. Super gorgeous pic. ♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹♥️♥️

    1. Thank you❣✨

  2. Beautiful photography in the midst of that serenity, color and tranquility.
    A pleasure to go through your blog.
    Greetings and nice day.

    1. Thank you🙏 Hope you have a beautiful day as well😊

      1. Likewise. 🤗

  3. The hope is- 2 strangers “apart from love so long” will encounter and be renewed with love.

    1. Yes, exactly✨

  4. The photo is great, and the message very true. Great post, thanks for sharing and have a nice day!

  5. Mary Anne Abdo Avatar
    Mary Anne Abdo

    Beautiful photos. Your photography makes the scenery come alive

    1. Thank you Mary😊🙏

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