What’s your go to Starbucks order?

During the summer, my go to Starbucks order is the IT frappuccino, which is a vanilla bean frappuccino with strawberry purée inside cup not blended. At times the order gets mixed up, so in case you want to try, emphasize the not blended part; oh and no whip🎈

6 responses to “What’s your go to Starbucks order?”

  1. Grande mocha hot, year-round. Your drink sounds tasty.

    1. So does yours🙂👍

  2. Trenta Very Berry Hibiscus 🌺 when it’s hot outside. Venti Mocha with an extra shot when it’s cold outside. 🥶

    1. Sounds good😊✨

  3. Iced matcha latte made with oat milk. So delicious!

    1. Got to try that one👍

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