On this #tbt, I would like to share my painting of the iconic Lucy, aka Lucille Ball. I have always tried to paint and at times feel like my artwork is a waste of paint. However, I know that if I keep trying I will only improve, so this is your sign to never give on something you like to do, even if you think you aren’t great at it.

14 responses to “Lucy”

  1. Hey, it’s good! I liked it. It’s the effort that counts. It’s a very good attempt. This is something which I occasionally do.

    1. Thanks and you are right, the effort is what counts the most😊

  2. It’s fabulous!!!

    1. I’m glad you like this one, JessπŸ€—β£

      1. Love that you said Jess. My friends call me Jess🌻🌻

      2. πŸ€—πŸ’—

  3. I especially like your choice of colors and the shape of the earring.

    1. πŸ˜…Thanks for noticing the detailsπŸ™

  4. Artwork is an evolving, self-educational process– with the real satisfaction being the efforts put into it, and not necessarily if the final result isn’t what one expected to achieve. I’ll never be a great artist. But I’ll always enjoy sketching and painting. And, by the way, I like “your” version of Lucille Ball.

    1. Thank you so much Art😊 I appreciate your support and perspectiveπŸ™

  5. The hair is amazing and the face surprisingly emotive. Worthwhile use of paint for sure!

    1. Thank you RobinπŸ™ I truly appreciate your point of view on my painting.

      1. The funny thing is art is so arbitrary that you could tell me this was a famous artwork and I’d believe it. I’d assume the slight wonkiness in the face was deliberate.

      2. You are so right😊

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