Manifest Season 4 Part 1 Review

Firstly, thank you to the fandom of Manifest (2018-Present) series for pushing their demand for this show to get a proper ending after it was canceled on a huge cliffhanger. Netflix heard and thankfully, confirmed final season on their second consideration. It was so awesome to see how hashtags and petitions across all social media platforms can come together to make something we love come back!

To recap, Manifest (2018-Present) is a series following the lives of people who take a flight that lands them five years into their future, while it was only a few hours on a flight for them. Season 1-3 is a wild ride of spins, turns, and interesting connections that lead to the shows biggest cliffhanger at the end of season 3.

Manifest (2018-Present) Season 4 Part 1 picks up two years after the biggest shock of the series, which was done well. Netflix did a great job with staying true to the series original format and style of storytelling. At times this show can drag and be out there with all the connections, but that works in a story like Manifest (2018-Present). I enjoyed where the story was taken and appreciate where the potential ending is headed in part 2, so I would rate part 1 a solid 9 out 10.

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