Making My Own Coraline “Little Me” Doll

Coraline (2009) is definitely one of my favorite movies and I always wanted my own “Little Me” doll. I am not alone in this desire, as there are a lot of YouTubers and Etsy creators that have created their own spin on the Coraline ” Little Me” Doll. So, I gave it a try and of course, added my own style to creating my own “Little Me” doll.

In the process of this project, I found a new appreciation for all doll makers, as my experience proved that making a doll involves a lot of time and trust in the outcome. There were times my doll looked like a horror show rather than a creepy, but whimsical creation. Although there are visible mistakes, I am pleased with the final result and hope that you get inspired to make something of your own🧵

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6 responses to “Making My Own Coraline “Little Me” Doll”

  1. I LOVE IT!! ❤️

    1. Thank you🙏 So glad to hear you like this one🤗💚

  2. So creative!

    1. Thank you so much💚

  3. Confession: don’t know the movie and like your doll.

    1. Thank you Mat!! If you like claymation movies, I highly recommend you check out Coraline🤗🧵

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