A Christmas Story Christmas (2022) Movie Review

Nealy 40 years later, we have a sequel to the Holiday classic A Christmas Story (1983) and it was surprisingly a good continuation to the original story. A Christmas Story Christmas (2022) takes place during a critical point in Ralphie’s adulthood, as he is trying to become a published author, but is abruptly taken back home to handle important matters. Ralphie still has the most active imagination, which was funny to see through an adult Ralphie. Also, some familiar faces return and the infamous lamp, as well as the bunny costume make an appearance. Overall, a decent sequel to a beloved Holiday movie and I would rate this 7.5 out of 10🎄

5 responses to “A Christmas Story Christmas (2022) Movie Review”

  1. I didn’t know there was a second one. I’m glad you shared it.

    1. Yes, it just came out on HBO😊🎄

      1. Oh that’s cool!

  2. Never heard of it, but would love to watch it this Christmas season. Thanks for the review. 🙌

    1. It’s available on HBO, so if you get to watch it, I hope you enjoy it Ritish😊🎄

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