Haul Out the Holly (2022) Movie Review

'Tis the Season, which means that the Hallmark Channel releases many Holiday movies that are guaranteed to put any Grinch in the Christmas Spirit.  Haul Out the Holly (2022) turned out to be funnier than expected and wasn't the typical Romcom Hallmark Christmas storyline.  Lacey Chabert who plays Emily was 'So Fetch' and really brought her own spin in a movie that has a happy ending.  Overall, there is something special about watching a movie that is certainly ending on a positive note and the Hallmark Channel will always provide that.  My rate for this one is 7.5 out of 10🎄

4 responses to “Haul Out the Holly (2022) Movie Review”

  1. Good review! My sister likes watching the holiday Hallmark movies because there is the promise of a happy ending. I enjoy them, too.

    1. Exactly!!! Happy ending are the best, especially during the Holiday season.

  2. Adore the “so fetch” line! I know we’re long past Christmas, but I love watching holiday Hallmark movies all year long. I will definitely check out Haul Out the Holly.

    1. It’s so fetch and can definitely be watched all year😅

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