The Wedding Veil Expectations (2023) Movie Review

The Wedding Veil trilogy (2022) continues with The Wedding Veil Expectations (2023) and I am so excited the story is expanding. The next series is about the changes that happen in your life after marriage and all the expectations that arrive in that process. I really like the main trio friend group and feel we need a trilogy of their girls trips only. For instance, the first trip could be how they started antiquing trips, the second would be where they were right before wedding veil trip, and the last one would be a current girls trip during Christmas to close out The Wedding Veil Saga the Hallmark way. Back to this movie, it was more sweetness and a few miscommunications that all lead to a happy ending. Overall, I like this Hallmark channel movies series and this movie is as expected with a 7.5 out of 10.

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