Mrs. Winterbourne (1996) Movie Review

So, I am in The Brenaissance Era where if I see Brendan Fraser face on a movie cover I hit play. Thankfully, Mrs. Winterbourne (1996) turned out to be a typical 90’s out of left field romcom and was entertaining. The setup is odd and the outcome is beyond realistic, but this film is one of those feel-good Saturday afternoon movies. Overall, a good movie that made me laugh a few times and Brendan turned on his charm for this one. Definitely worth a watch if you are also in your Brenaissance Era with a rate of 8 out of 10.

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  1. I loved him in George of the Jungle! My kids had it on video when it was first out so I’ve seen it several times.

    1. George of the Jungle is a good one😊👍

  2. It was definitely a feel good 🎬 movie!!

    1. It really is🤗

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