Pi Day

Pi Day, but also Birthday🎈
My way, just for today.

Find faith to make a wish stay.
These days are flying away.

Happy Birthday or Unbirthday, either way it’s time to celebrate in this cosmic play🎉

12 responses to “Pi Day”

    1. Thank you Karen🙏🥳

  1. Happy birthday!!

    1. Thank you Donna🤗

  2. Happy birthday 🌸

    1. Thank you friend😊🎉

  3. Happy Birthday! 🥳

    1. Thank you Michele😊🎉

  4. Happy birthday!! How cool, you and Pi Day! 🎂💐

    1. 😊Thank you so much🎉

  5. Hope you had a Happy Birthday “DAY.”

    1. Thank you Art🙏 It was a rainy day, but I had some cake🎂, so it was great🥳

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