Shades of Green

The shades of green, can help explain life’s meaning, but what is gained is still unseen.

Couleurs du Ciel

Couleurs du ciel, drop behind the sunset and give us a beautiful moment to heal.

Colors of the sky, help release regret and fills hope within the mind.


Many days are spent alone, that is just how life on Earth usually goes. Afterall, we are on a journey of our own, striving to find reasons as we move forward chasing tomorrow.

Remember, all roads lead you home, so don’t get caught up in life’s many sorrows.

The Good Night

Into the good night we all go, where dreams grow and unfold. There is so much unknown, but this is how the mind begins to mold into powerful.

La Lune, bright and full for only a few moments, yet always worthy to behold.