On Track

Walking, just moving forward, but little was known about the final destination. There was total trust and love that filled internally, which fueled some inspiration. The track that lead to this point is under review and the reflection causes a connection. Negatives to positives, and reverse, it all holds some satisfaction. This is the outcome … Continue reading On Track

Forest of Unknown

The March forward season once brought an unforgettable adventure with a dear friend. There was laughter, new sights, and a forest of unknown, but sadly it had to end. As we entered that forest, each step brought an unknown to a known and there was a sense of accomplishment taking over. From walking through all … Continue reading Forest of Unknown

Winter’s End

The last week of winter is upon us and gives us all a chance to spring forward. A new opportunity to grow in ways that were not possible over the past few seasons. Let’s all be supportive and kind to each other, we all have endured so much. Taking each moment as a chance to … Continue reading Winter’s End

Last March

So much happened in the last 12 months that reflecting on it feels like a decade has actually past by. Thankfully, a final adventure was had before the world flipped upside down. Those grey ice waters were terrifyingly beautiful and the northern lights were a spectacular view. In retrospect, the last trip memories provided much … Continue reading Last March

March Forward

  As we reflect on the last March, we can all agree so much was taken away in a matter of a few days.  The reality that those things are not returning after a year brings disappointment, however it is one side of the spectrum of this experience.  If you are reading this then you … Continue reading March Forward

The New Moon

The new moon comes in just as the day ends and reminds us how things are moving in phases. The constant changes that occur force movement into unknown scenarios, but at rare times, bring defining moments to our attention. Sometimes letting go of the old idea of yesterday’s comforts is challenging, however in the end, … Continue reading The New Moon