Seeking understanding in this waking life, often leads to reflection and can open the path to conclusion. During your quest, you may encounter some of the most difficult memories, which bring frustration and even force distraction. It is imperative that you remain focused on the motivation and continue to complete with a resolution. There isContinue reading “Reflections”

Keep Going

As a new day unfolds in positive and negative ways, keep going. As the repeats of yesterday try to bring you down, keep going. As ideas fail and do not succeed, keep going. As the battle within gets overwhelming, keep going. There is not telling how the finale of this road may turn out, butContinue reading “Keep Going”

Look, Over There

People watching is fun under the bright sunlight, as long as they don’t catch us watching, we will be alright. Two best friends; one has a plan and ready to explore over there, while the other appears hesitant, even doesn’t seem to care. A quick fictional story about a moment caught in a photograph, justContinue reading “Look, Over There”


Treasure the mind, Treasure the heart, Treasure all the things you call mine. Treasure the kind, Treasure the start, Treasure all the things you find. Treasure the climb, Treasure the sad parts, Treasure all the things you have all the time. Pleasures quickly come and go. Just know, you will always find what is meantContinue reading “Treasure”