Go Green

Moving around and you shall see what go green really means. It is brighter when you get closer, which confirms greater purpose to the meaning.

Go green is saying, yes to moving forward and letting blockages cleanse. So, walking away from heavy memories reveals a successful cleansing.

Start each day with a go green type of attitude and just feel. Remember, you can change how things impact you, as you are in control how you reflect the feeling.

Return To Self

Upon the waking state, hectic thoughts rush forward and the afterlife memories are quickly scrambled into confusing. Drifting in the Ether makes things a lot clearer, but so much is lost in the translation upon return. The veil covers the roads, flips everything from one side to another and keeps it all seperated.

Unknowns continue throughout the journey and so, the study begins. Pop quizzes happen often, but the final exam is to be determined at a later date. Trying to understand ideas that are not understood in this waking life, opens a new path to knowing the true self. Naturally, inspired to find a way to remember the adventures in the Ether realm and return with translated meaning that is destined.

Ultimately, it becomes challenging to be present in one life while being connected to the Ether. The ground life is caught up in so much chaos and the main goal is to survive with the gold. Keeping up with the world is a dead end life, for it is playing a game already lost. Thus, return to the loving being you are and translate into self-empowered.

Table for One

The solo adventure moves forward and the acceptance of one place setting takes over. Looking around and noticing so many others are experiencing the sad truth that the fairy tales were only a fantasy, just like luck from a four leaf clover.

The make-believe stories we grow up on only poisoned the mind causing let downs in our adulthood, so why not save him and her? Let the golden hearts learn that the waves of a so called life have some good and some bad that will occur.

From an expert soloist to another: be brave, be completely you, and when you break, know it is okay to allow no trespassing to happen after.


When looking back, you may find recurring themes pop up in your waking life and afterlife. The only difference between them is the date and time they exist in. This makes it worth while to analyze and decode to be an important message.

Whatever these patterns are, it seems they don’t stop and will be noticed when you are ready to see. If that is the case, then it would be best to simply enjoy the views that are unfolding and keep moving forward. After all, the biggest challenge in life is to not get stuck repeating yesterday.


It took some time, but once it fully developed, beauty was found. Such a prize, to uncover something so profound.

Upon reflection in the shine, it is clear that victory comes from defeat in the battleground. So keep going and you shall find, those negatives have hidden positives in the background.

Life is a Beach

Not many memories stick, and sadly, most of the remembered moments are the ones we don’t miss.

The instant photo gives us a tiny view, just enough to recall how fast time flew.

Thinking of today is a great way to appreciate the journey, but don’t let the troubles of yesterday make everything blurry.

In reality, the stars are within reach, yeah, that’s life is a beach mentality.

The Girl With A Hidden Talent

Clutching her little notebook, she rushes onto the bus and scans her metro card. As she moves passing strangers, she finds an open seat and sits down next to the window. She opens her notebook and quickly scribbles her thoughts in her unique poetic way. Someone sits next to her and looks over to give her a compliment on her beautiful pages. The girl smiles and thanks the stranger.

Her stop approaches, she gets up and walks off. As soon as she got home, she pulls out her notebook and began to review what she wrote. Smiling at her work, she felt even more inspired to continue filling the blank pages with her poetry. The night came over the day and she feel asleep next to her little notebook.

She woke up, except now 10 years older and was living a cycle that had no space for a poetic moment. That little notebook she loved so much, was collecting dust on the bookshelf in her room. One day, her life turned upside down and she began to reflect on her steps to that point. As tears began to rush down her face, she looked up at her shelves showcasing smiling photos and some of her most prized possessions. Her teary eyes gazed throughout the shelves filled with a physical display of her life and there it was, her little notebook.

Pulling her notebook out of the shelf and wiping off the dust, she remembered what the stranger said to her on the bus. Wiping the tears away, she took this as the moment for her recovery to begin. As she looked back and read all the beautiul entries, along with the beauitful sketches and her photos that accompanied her words; she couldn’t help, but notice that she was missing this part of herself these past 10 years. There were many blank pages left, so she began to write and at first, it was challenging to begin. However, with a few entries, she was back to her poetic ways.

One day, she saw an ad online for a creative writer contest, first place was a $5,000 grand prize winner and well, she took a chance on her hidden talent. She felt her entry was honest and real, even inspiring. So, she smiled back at her work and clicked send.

Weeks past and she forgot about the contest, however she received a notice naming her as the winner! She was so excited and felt that this was the sign she needed to invest in her hidden talent. It was also in that moment, she realized losing herself was the only way to really find her purpose and so, she continued to write in her little notebook knowing she was sharing her talent like she was always meant to.

Good Friday

Sunset – April, 2018

Entering another day with memories of yesterday and a heart full of hope for tomorrow. The present was once an array of ups and downs, but lately it has become repetitive activities leading to sorrows. The more reflections that are experienced, the more upsetting emotions erupt to perspectives that are narrow.

Looking outward, however there aren’t many good things to truly follow. Turning within just to face everything that has allowed so much conflict and knowing it’s time to pay all that was borrowed. Like the sunset, this season goes down and somehow, the rise of the glory flows out living waters now.

Paris: 1956 VS 2018

As an admirer of Paris, I have been fortunate enough to be able to visit and experience all the wonderful things Paris has to offer. From it’s art filled streets to the many flavors of French cuisine available, it truly is a magical place in world. I found a book about a year after one of my most recent visits that was entitled “Paris,” published 1956 that features photographs by Martin Hürlimann. It was so interesting to see how much Paris changes between Martin Hürlimann view of Paris and my very own. Below are some of the side by sides of similar shots taken 62 years apart by two different people, enjoy.

Photograph by Martin Hürlimann, 1956
Photograph by Me, 2018
Photograph by Martin Hürlimann, 1956
Photograph by Me, 2018
Photograph by Martin Hürlimann, 1956
Photograph by Me, 2018
Photograph by Martin Hürlimann, 1956
Photograph by Me, 2018