Once upon a time, a sunset, a long line, and the Seattle skyline, all collided in a moment of a lifetime.

Sign Of The Times

There are significant changes happening all around, but some modifications come with heavy clouds. These days are filled with so much confusion, which is sweeping many away with illusions.

Though, the outlook foretells possible destruction, there is always a reason for the abrupt conclusion. Try to embrace the alterations, as it is the only way to completely know ourselves.

As the transformation continues, we will see those walking by faith, finally become their truest selves and that is undoubtedly, a sign of the times.

Shine Bright

When it gets dark, shine bright.

When goals get far, shine bright.

When you get another restart, shine bright.

When abundance gets blocked, shine bright.

There are so many different possibilities that can happen around the clock, but it’s your choice to embark on the road ahead with your own light that shines bright.


You will never know unless you try, as time swiftly goes by. Let your wings spread across the sky and soar past those kites.

Now you feel alive, going higher up on your flight. From above it all looks so bright and you can see, everything leads to alright.