A Walk and A Thought

Ocean kisses are felt when taking a walk and a thought floods in on how this is so lovely. This was not planned, but this was needed and feels like recovery.

Sometimes things don’t work out how or when you may have wanted them to and that is normal for every story. Everything works out the way it was meant to and even can turn out better than you could ever hope, isn’t that so lucky?

We Are All, Abundant

I recently heard an idea that mentioned, if we look around at nature, we will see abundance displayed without any effort. For instance, a tree naturally grows and releases its leaves or fruit, while the tree stands rooted in the earth, never ever moving.

Since you are from nature like a tree, you too can live abundantly, as you were designed to be. Start by finding a way to be still, be complete, and release the lack mindset. It sounds too easy, but maybe that is the point. So, stop complicating everything and just be abundantly you!

Looking Up

If you are not feeling motivated today, look up at the world around and notice she is displaying her vast beauty for you. Get inspired to make this life more pleasant for yourself and those around you. Don’t worry so much about moments that seem out of control, as everything great needs time to align just for you. Things are looking up, so know it was always meant for you.

Goal Achieving Team

If you are reading this, shine that smile, you have another chance to go for that big dream. Take a moment to lift your mindset up and improve your self-esteem. These days may appear uncertain, but not everything is how it seems. So, rise up, smile bright, and be brave enough to be apart of the goal achieving team!

Lunar Eclipse

Photo taken on January 31, 2018 during Lunar Eclipse.

Half blocked or half full, it’s all the same really. Not fully shining under her normal potential, but she remains still to experience this phase. She is beautiful and ever mysterious. Like Luna, up in the sky, shining her light in the dark night, you will remain unfazed by these strange times of this so called life.


The day moves full steam ahead, then transitions into the night where dreams unfold in our heads. The repeating reality of unknowns shift into knowns, while we all walk alone.

Since we are still in today’s light, let’s strive to finish the fight. Lift your head up, my friend, shine bright and rise to new heights.