Shine Bright

When it gets dark, shine bright.

When goals get far, shine bright.

When you get another restart, shine bright.

When abundance gets blocked, shine bright.

There are so many different possibilities that can happen around the clock, but it’s your choice to embark on the road ahead with your own light that shines bright.

My Dear Friend,

From the darkest hours to the brightest, sweetest moments, there rises a growth of the best version of you.  Looking in the mirror, you cannot help, but feel happiness knowing you are someone wonderful.  You always were and will be from now until forever.

The new daylight brings with it a new chance to improve self reflection to something true.  Move forward by spreading light to the surrounding and hold beauty in a focused view.  Keep going and don’t stop trying to be a better you.  Remember, things will get better despite those moments of bad news.

As sunset comes along, lay your head down and smile, you made it to another starry end.  In the direction of unknown, but it’s okay, the heart is full of hope in bed.  Discovery of the self continues when the sun comes up again.  Put your thoughts on positive vibes mode and you surely will thrive, my dear friend.


Your Friend, from the otherside of the screen⭐

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Best Art Exhibit

Happy Throwback Thursday!

The ‘I Like Scary Movies Experience’ art exhibition was fun, welcoming, creative, and a great tribute to some of my favorite horror movies. I hope artists have opportunities to bring back exhibitions like this soon!!!

In the meantime, here is a look back at my ‘I Like Scary Movies Experience.’

Full Experience Vlog – June, 2019. *Please note, some music may not play due to copyright

If you are interested in learning more about this art exhibit, click here: