Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier, highlighting infamous Pacific Wheel in polariod and digital photo✨


Regarding solitude, it definitely changes you and more so, adjusts your attitude. It also, forces you to realize your mood influences your social status, which leads to reasons why you are often excluded. The magnitude of feeling alone, is dependent on your external and internal views of life’s solo interlude. The best way to survive to conclude such lonely times, is to dive deep within your heart and remember all the things you carry with gratitude.


The waves of this life crescendo, let’s hope it doesn’t end in a tornado.

Making you an afficionado and you will know when it is time to let go.

Bringing in love that can grow, watch it fuel your halo.


Recent events have unearthed a breakdown in the lifestyles we inherited and we are living in days where many are walking with heavy thoughts. Society overall, has become a pressure cooker that breaks the human spirit and sadly, it has succeeded in breaking down many individuals. It is clear that we need to change and make life better for everyone on this earth. As it is our human birth right to live a fulfilled life, but how can we begin to change this current state to a positive life?

They say knowledge is power and possibly finding the right knowledge will lead to positive existence. French Philosopher, Auguste Comte, defined Positivism as the final and highest state of intellect. Positivism is the idea that knowledge is acquired by observation and experience through scientific structures rather than intuitive and introspective means. In other words, it is thinking in terms of things that can be verified rather than ideas that are often unable to be confirmed in absolute terms.

However, if you live long enough, you will find there are many things that cannot be verified using scientific methods. Also, we can see that the evolution of society has shown that collective knowledge is often updated throughout history. Even so, if we take the idea of Positivism and observe people who strive to live with a positive attitude, we would find that they are often in a better place in life. On the other hand, there are many who live life without positivity and accept their fate by declaring, “that’s life.” Why have we collectively allowed it to be this way?

All the while, the most positive and happiest humans on this earth are children, especially children under the age of 5. As they are not affected by burdens brought by society structures and ideologies, but rather live to the beat of their own unconditional love and excitement for life. Maybe, we can live life with child wonder as an adult, but that would require time and patience to become whole again. The silver lining in the destruction of a child’s joy is that you are becoming redefined, understanding, and if you allow it, can become what you are meant to be.

The first step to change, is understanding that information in society is fragmented and grouped, which often brings division. That is definitely something that can be observed and experienced when reviewing current events. The Positivism of today is that we need to come together and unite, for all knowledge holds a fragment of information that when put together will lead us all to the truth. Unity is our best chance to survive the darkest hours of our lifetime, and it is the only way we can find everything that was hidden within the blinding lights. Afterall, positives can be negatives and reverse, so we must do what we can to ensure life is good for our present, as well as for our future generations.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The road is riddled with hopelessness, but still the movement is forward, regardless.

There is no assurance the outcome will hold bliss, however the heart pulls into the unknown with tenderness.

These challenging times seem endless, but that can’t stop this walk in the pursuit of happiness.

Walking On Water

The legend of Jesus walking on water is confirmation that those living through the many storms of life will not sink into the waves, as long as they believe and hold faith. Like Peter, many of us experience life wanting to believe, but need a physical sign to feel comfort. The thing is life does not operate solely on physical experiences, but it also holds many experiences that cannot be explained in absolute terms.

The most important message from this story is that when you find yourself: failing in school with a future in limbo, or walking out of an office with a layoff slip not knowing how you will pay for rent, or moving away from your family about to experience a divorce, or holding your loved one’s hand as they take their last breathe or any other time when you don’t know what to do; remember that you are not alone and you will survive to find triumph in this life. Those darkest hours will test you and possibly break you, but you must remain steadfast in faith. Grab onto your faith and know that these difficult times are happening not to you, but rather for your greater good.

Calm shores are always close, so hang in there and weather the storm. Afterall, you were built to walk on water into the sunset where everything happens according to the golden plan. So, lift your head high and know that the route to victory is already within you.

Stay strong my friend, you got this❣