DIY Man-Eating Wreath

Tis the season of making Christmas, so here is a look at my DIY Man-Eating Wreath, which was inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas. Continue reading DIY Man-Eating Wreath

Sunday Showcase #3

Hello Friends🎃 This weeks Sunday showcase is highlighting a fellow blogger, artist, and author. Dave offered his book free to download and soon after, I realized I wanted an actual copy. The Dancing Fish is a collection of creative and family friendly poetry that is often accompanied by a sketch drawing. I love Paris, so … Continue reading Sunday Showcase #3


In 2019 I started Dance-O-Ween as a way to celebrate music in movies and TV shows during Halloween Season. I was initally inspired by Stranger Things, so it became my main title video. The first video that started it all was actually my first attempt at using and editing a greenscreen, hence the bad quality. … Continue reading Dance-O-Ween