My Harry Potter⚡ Christmas Tree

Happy Holidays☃️ Are you putting up any Holiday decorations? If so, do you have a theme? I put up my Harry Potter Christmas Tree and wanted to share it with you🎄 Below is my first Vlogmas short of decorating the tree, enjoy⛄

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Beetlejuice Waiting Room

That one time I got to sit in a Beetlejuice waiting room and read some of the Handbook For The Recently Deceased.

Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend🎃

Halloween Decorations

My table got a bit more Halloween decorations than last year and I have to admit, I really liked how my table center piece turned out🎃🧡 Did you decorate your home for Fall this year? Do you have a theme? Tell me about it below🤗

Also, if you are interested in seeing how I painted my two-sided Jack Skellington pumpkin, see video below🎃

Short – Diy JS Pumpkin


Welcome to Dance-O-Ween Chapter 2, this one is a tribute to one of my favorite movies, Ghostbusters. So let’s all save the day in our own way, enjoy💚

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Sunday Showcase #3

Hello Friends🎃

This weeks Sunday showcase is highlighting a fellow blogger, artist, and author. Dave offered his book free to download and soon after, I realized I wanted an actual copy. The Dancing Fish is a collection of creative and family friendly poetry that is often accompanied by a sketch drawing. I love Paris, so naturally “April in Paris,” become my favorite poem from this book. Check out his work via his website on WP and or his book on Amazon.

Hope you have a great Sunday Funday✨


In 2019 I started Dance-O-Ween as a way to celebrate music in movies and TV shows during Halloween Season. I was initally inspired by Stranger Things, so it became my main title video. The first video that started it all was actually my first attempt at using and editing a greenscreen, hence the bad quality. However, over time my videos improved and well, that is the point really; keep working towards improving every single day!!!

Below is this year’s opening video and link to playlists with previous videos, enjoy🎃

Happy Spooky Season🎃

Sunday Showcase #2

Happy Sunday Friends😊

This week we are showcasing a fellow blogger named Ace, who recently published her first book! I purchased a copy and would recommend to anyone looking for a book filled with beautiful poetry. One of my favorite pieces is titled, “Everlasting,” which highlights self discovery and finding your purpose. Overall, tone of book is hopeful and very passionate. Check out her work via her website on WP and or her book, which can be purchased on Amazon.

Hope you all have a great Sunday✨