Once upon a time, the new moon was caught in a photograph, falling behind the sparkling houses on top of the hill. The new moon lives on in this moment, frozen in time, just still.


Many days are spent alone, that is just how life on Earth usually goes. Afterall, we are on a journey of our own, striving to find reasons as we move forward chasing tomorrow.

Remember, all roads lead you home, so don’t get caught up in life’s many sorrows.

The Good Night

Into the good night we all go, where dreams grow and unfold. There is so much unknown, but this is how the mind begins to mold into powerful.

La Lune, bright and full for only a few moments, yet always worthy to behold.

Up In The Air

On the day things continued to be up in the air, a walk and a splash met to reveal all was in good care. Though at times things seem unfair, this was a reminder to just hang in there.

Into The Forest

As you walk into the forest, remember the way out. The trees love to play with visitors, so focus on every detail without a doubt. Be kind to the resting life and it will teach you, what the journey is really about.