Between, but actually free Everything, but actually nothing There, but actually here Winning, but actually losing Effort, but actually hardwork Exploring, but actually reviewing Nobody, but actually somebody

A Walk and A Thought

Ocean kisses are felt when taking a walk and a thought floods in on how this is so lovely. This was not planned, but this was needed and feels like recovery. Sometimes things don’t work out how or when you may have wanted them to and that is normal for every story. Everything works outContinue reading “A Walk and A Thought”

Goal Achieving Team

If you are reading this, shine that smile, you have another chance to go for that big dream. Take a moment to lift your mindset up and improve your self-esteem. These days may appear uncertain, but not everything is how it seems. So, rise up, smile bright, and be brave enough to be apart ofContinue reading “Goal Achieving Team”


The day moves full steam ahead, then transitions into the night where dreams unfold in our heads. The repeating reality of unknowns shift into knowns, while we all walk alone. Since we are still in today’s light, let’s strive to finish the fight. Lift your head up, my friend, shine bright and rise to newContinue reading “Rise”


The master of transformation, yet an amateur of preservation. Teaching with so much grace, yet never knowing it’s cosmic place. This world can become enormously unkind, but we must keep our love for each other bright. There is so much to do to build a better mind, and we can start by learning from thisContinue reading “Butterfly”

Look, Over There

People watching is fun under the bright sunlight, as long as they don’t catch us watching, we will be alright. Two best friends; one has a plan and ready to explore over there, while the other appears hesitant, even doesn’t seem to care. A quick fictional story about a moment caught in a photograph, justContinue reading “Look, Over There”