A few summers ago, a moment of life happened on a beach with some strangers. Now, each passing summer the goal is to find a similar moment to capture.

Frame Of Mind

That moment brought a relaxed frame of mind.

Those adventures rarely come these days, forcing a life confined.

The hope for better times remains, while trying to keep everything within aligned.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The road is riddled with hopelessness, but still the movement is forward, regardless.

There is no assurance the outcome will hold bliss, however the heart pulls into the unknown with tenderness.

These challenging times seem endless, but that can’t stop this walk in the pursuit of happiness.


It’s that time to let go of today’s sorrows, and get ready for a new tomorrow.

The bright potential will follow, just know more will come tomorrow.

There is no life for you to borrow, so get your dreams to live today and hold on until there is no tomorrow.


All things that glitter are not built the same, but that’s alright.

Some days you will want to give up, but you are no quitter and you are still alive.

Keep your head strong and don’t go bitter, eventually everything aligns.


Feeling passionately, as fireworks happen like lightning.

Blasting momentarily, but the beauty is everlasting.

Making the night appear clearly, just enough to be amazing.

Darling dark becomes lovely, while the sky show of flash sparkles fall shimmering.