Recognizing it is best to move on from the past.

Releasing those questions that cannot be asked.

Knowing everything in this life goes too fast.

Appreciating this moment and making it last.

All of this understood, while walking in the overcast.

Feeling Full

Lately, things are appearing hopeful, especially beautiful.

Making sure actions are thoughtful, leading to successful.

Everything that happens is purposeful, and even more so meaningful.

This life can be wonderful, key is to remain grateful.

Other side

Looking from the other side, simply observering the beauty at a distance.

Many wishes flood the mind, but the past causes resistance.

No time to get blind, life goes by in an instant.

There is so much left to find, so move forward confidently in this meaningful existence.


Swiftly moving through the days, pushing us multiple ways. The calendar never remains the same, so we can’t let this moment waste away.

The life wanted could be attained, but the directions will not be explained. Just know, the incline will bring pain, however the result will bring some type of gain.


The city that attracts many with hopeful dreams.

Sadly, most will experience the true meaning.

Things that glitter are not as gold as they seem.

The huge contrast in lifestyles all fueling the machine.

LA, the world’s largest green screen.

Shine Bright

When it gets dark, shine bright.

When goals get far, shine bright.

When you get another restart, shine bright.

When abundance gets blocked, shine bright.

There are so many different possibilities that can happen around the clock, but it’s your choice to embark on the road ahead with your own light that shines bright.