The master of transformation, yet an amateur of preservation. Teaching with so much grace, yet never knowing it’s cosmic place. This world can become enormously unkind, but we must keep our love for each other bright. There is so much to do to build a better mind, and we can start by learning from thisContinue reading “Butterfly”

Look, Over There

People watching is fun under the bright sunlight, as long as they don’t catch us watching, we will be alright. Two best friends; one has a plan and ready to explore over there, while the other appears hesitant, even doesn’t seem to care. A quick fictional story about a moment caught in a photograph, justContinue reading “Look, Over There”


Treasure the mind, Treasure the heart, Treasure all the things you call mine. Treasure the kind, Treasure the start, Treasure all the things you find. Treasure the climb, Treasure the sad parts, Treasure all the things you have all the time. Pleasures quickly come and go. Just know, you will always find what is meantContinue reading “Treasure”

Go Green

Moving around and you shall see what go green really means. It is brighter when you get closer, which confirms greater purpose to the meaning. Go green is saying, yes to moving forward and letting blockages cleanse. So, walking away from heavy memories reveals a successful cleansing. Start each day with a go green typeContinue reading “Go Green”

Table for One

The solo adventure moves forward and the acceptance of one place setting takes over. Looking around and noticing so many others are experiencing the sad truth that the fairy tales were only a fantasy, just like luck from a four leaf clover. The make-believe stories we grow up on only poisoned the mind causing letContinue reading “Table for One”

Life is a Beach

Not many memories stick, and sadly, most of the remembered moments are the ones we don’t miss. The instant photo gives us a tiny view, just enough to recall how fast time flew. Thinking of today is a great way to appreciate the journey, but don’t let the troubles of yesterday make everything blurry. InContinue reading “Life is a Beach”

Good Friday

Entering another day with memories of yesterday and a heart full of hope for tomorrow. The present was once an array of ups and downs, but lately it has become repetitive activities leading to sorrows. The more reflections that are experienced, the more upsetting emotions erupt to perspectives that are narrow. Looking outward, however thereContinue reading “Good Friday”