Sail along the waves, but prepare for potential fail. Exhale all the negatives and hold onto hope, then inhale. Tale of your success will reveal strength and also, triumph will be unveiled.


Recent events have unearthed a breakdown in the lifestyles we inherited and we are living in days where many are walking with heavy thoughts. Society overall, has become a pressure cooker that breaks the human spirit and sadly, it has succeeded in breaking down many individuals. It is clear that we need to change andContinue reading “Positivism”

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The road is riddled with hopelessness, but still the movement is forward, regardless. There is no assurance the outcome will hold bliss, however the heart pulls into the unknown with tenderness. These challenging times seem endless, but that can’t stop this walk in the pursuit of happiness.

Walking On Water

The legend of Jesus walking on water is confirmation that those living through the many storms of life will not sink into the waves, as long as they believe and hold faith. Like Peter, many of us experience life wanting to believe, but need a physical sign to feel comfort. The thing is life doesContinue reading “Walking On Water”