Going Along

This life takes you down paths with no view of the conclusion, yet you keep going along with unknowns ahead.

Sometimes you feel pressure to have an instant resolution, but you must remain patient and keep a cool head.

As the positives may need a few more sunsets to provide a solution, and things can always change as soon as you wake up from bed.

My Harry Potter⚡ Christmas Tree

Happy Holidays☃️ Are you putting up any Holiday decorations? If so, do you have a theme? I put up my Harry Potter Christmas Tree and wanted to share it with you🎄 Below is my first Vlogmas short of decorating the tree, enjoy⛄

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Sky Fire

When the sky fire dances across the horizon, it emphasizes that beauty lives within moments. Though they are short lived, it is best to live fully with out regrets and focus on things that bring you enjoyment.

Blood Moon

Due to overcast, I was unable to see the Blood Moon earlier this morning. So, here is a flashback Friday photo of my best capture of a Blood Moon to date. This is the Super Blood Wolf Moon taken on January 20, 2019.

Van Gogh Exhibit Las Vegas

I visited my second immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in Las Vegas and found that each exhibit presents Van Gogh’s work in beautiful, yet different ways. Here is a short of what you can expect from the Las Vegas Exhibit🌻