The Good Night

Into the good night we all go, where dreams grow and unfold. There is so much unknown, but this is how the mind begins to mold into powerful.

La Lune, bright and full for only a few moments, yet always worthy to behold.

Up In The Air

On the day things continued to be up in the air, a walk and a splash met to reveal all was in good care. Though at times things seem unfair, this was a reminder to just hang in there.

Into The Forest

As you walk into the forest, remember the way out. The trees love to play with visitors, so focus on every detail without a doubt. Be kind to the resting life and it will teach you, what the journey is really about.

Pixels Billboard Contest

Hi Friends,

I entered 3 of my photo’s into a contest and need your help in voting, below are the three links:

Thanks for your support, I truly appreciate it🙏



Almost lost the self, but mostly got rerouted to find oneself.

Near the ocean where shells are found, that’s where you can finally hear the soothing sound.

While the moment is now sitting in a frame on a shelf, the reminder lives on as something profound.

Qui Vivra Verra

Those who live, shall surely see; or as our French friends would say: “Qui vivra verra.”

As most of us are living restrictions these days, we need to remember to live our lives. Life is not only a physical one, but rather, life is an experience of many senses. During these times, you can work on improving your state of mind, your responses to external events, and you will see everything eventually aligns in your life. So keep calm and carry on, as time will tell you all the important details of your journey.