First, traverse the forest, then reverse to reset.Lastly, observe the mindset, to immerse in best. Continue reading Traverse

The Past

The past remembered by a photograph and slowly it all comes back. The memories of the way things were to everything else that become a blur. The one true aspect of this photo is that it still brings the same bliss. Continue reading The Past


Listen, the whisper speaking to you is trying to help you move into the destined way. This is the voice of your inner self telling you everything will be okay. The whisper is also guiding you directly to all that is meant for you to find. Remain brave and try not fear the unknown, for … Continue reading Whisper

Forest of Unknown

The March forward season once brought an unforgettable adventure with a dear friend. There was laughter, new sights, and a forest of unknown, but sadly it had to end. As we entered that forest, each step brought an unknown to a known and there was a sense of accomplishment taking over. From walking through all … Continue reading Forest of Unknown