Stepping forward into unknowns is overwhelming when there are no more plans. The dreams were so sure that the moment they all died, hope hit the fan. They say we should be grateful to be here, but the let downs make everything seem all bad.

Lately, its been different; the mission has shifted to the search for positivity, which feels like a duty of a wise man. Thus, inspiring the new approach of taking the time to rebuild properly, along with a new hope that walking ahead will help me understand.

Go Green

Moving around and you shall see what go green really means. It is brighter when you get closer, which confirms greater purpose to the meaning.

Go green is saying, yes to moving forward and letting blockages cleanse. So, walking away from heavy memories reveals a successful cleansing.

Start each day with a go green type of attitude and just feel. Remember, you can change how things impact you, as you are in control how you reflect the feeling.