A Short Story of a Hopeless Romantic.

Although, love appears all around, the reflection is always alone. In photographs of a past adventures, the solo smile appears with an unforgettable background and no company in sight. From early on, the struggle to communicate to those few crushes lead to great let downs. There were a lot of sleepless nights painting the self unworthy based on those rejections, but still there was hope then.

It wasn’t until taking on seven years with someone and experiencing the rise and fall of love, that the thought of one true love became unrealistic. Knowing that the heart was forever in a calm place of solitude brought healing after the end of that chapter. So what then?

Well, years have past since romance was even present in this waking life and still time passes on. There are moments where the wishes start to bring their intoxicating power over the present outlook, but really they are only a temporary phase. The truth is the hopeless romantic has been let down too much to even want to try again. It really isn’t sad if you think about it, the losses already happened and the same hope is still here from back then.