Walking On Water

The legend of Jesus walking on water is confirmation that those living through the many storms of life will not sink into the waves, as long as they believe and hold faith. Like Peter, many of us experience life wanting to believe, but need a physical sign to feel comfort. The thing is life does not operate solely on physical experiences, but it also holds many experiences that cannot be explained in absolute terms.

The most important message from this story is that when you find yourself: failing in school with a future in limbo, or walking out of an office with a layoff slip not knowing how you will pay for rent, or moving away from your family about to experience a divorce, or holding your loved one’s hand as they take their last breathe or any other time when you don’t know what to do; remember that you are not alone and you will survive to find triumph in this life. Those darkest hours will test you and possibly break you, but you must remain steadfast in faith. Grab onto your faith and know that these difficult times are happening not to you, but rather for your greater good.

Calm shores are always close, so hang in there and weather the storm. Afterall, you were built to walk on water into the sunset where everything happens according to the golden plan. So, lift your head high and know that the route to victory is already within you.

Stay strong my friend, you got this❣


The outlook is clear, but the finish line is not near.

Frustrations lead to tears and then fill the mind with fear.

Things are not always how they appear, so focus on something that brings you cheer.

There is no telling how things will go this year, now lift your head up and keep going, my dear.

A Walk and A Thought

Ocean kisses are felt when taking a walk and a thought floods in on how this is so lovely. This was not planned, but this was needed and feels like recovery.

Sometimes things don’t work out how or when you may have wanted them to and that is normal for every story. Everything works out the way it was meant to and even can turn out better than you could ever hope, isn’t that so lucky?

Looking Up

If you are not feeling motivated today, look up at the world around and notice she is displaying her vast beauty for you. Get inspired to make this life more pleasant for yourself and those around you. Don’t worry so much about moments that seem out of control, as everything great needs time to align just for you. Things are looking up, so know it was always meant for you.

Goal Achieving Team

If you are reading this, shine that smile, you have another chance to go for that big dream. Take a moment to lift your mindset up and improve your self-esteem. These days may appear uncertain, but not everything is how it seems. So, rise up, smile bright, and be brave enough to be apart of the goal achieving team!


The day moves full steam ahead, then transitions into the night where dreams unfold in our heads. The repeating reality of unknowns shift into knowns, while we all walk alone.

Since we are still in today’s light, let’s strive to finish the fight. Lift your head up, my friend, shine bright and rise to new heights.