Where Thoughts Go

Who knows where thoughts go,but they do seem to have a flow.If thinking results in reality,then we really should set them on pretty. Nothing is ever that simple,as black and white isn’t even a true couple.However, thoughts move to how you feel,now start being mindful and live for real. Continue reading Where Thoughts Go


The city that attracts many with hopeful dreams. Sadly, most will experience the true meaning. Things that glitter are not as gold as they seem. The huge contrast in lifestyles all fueling the machine. LA, the world’s largest green screen. Continue reading LA


The day moves full steam ahead, then transitions into the night where dreams unfold in our heads. The repeating reality of unknowns shift into knowns, while we all walk alone. Since we are still in today’s light, let’s strive to finish the fight. Lift your head up, my friend, shine bright and rise to new … Continue reading Rise