Many days are spent alone, that is just how life on Earth usually goes. Afterall, we are on a journey of our own, striving to find reasons as we move forward chasing tomorrow.

Remember, all roads lead you home, so don’t get caught up in life’s many sorrows.

Up In The Air

On the day things continued to be up in the air, a walk and a splash met to reveal all was in good care. Though at times things seem unfair, this was a reminder to just hang in there.

Frame Of Mind

That moment brought a relaxed frame of mind.

Those adventures rarely come these days, forcing a life confined.

The hope for better times remains, while trying to keep everything within aligned.


Almost lost the self, but mostly got rerouted to find oneself.

Near the ocean where shells are found, that’s where you can finally hear the soothing sound.

While the moment is now sitting in a frame on a shelf, the reminder lives on as something profound.

Just Breathe

When the day becomes overwhelming, just breathe.

Remember, you have the remedy within, all you need to do is just breathe.

As you move forward, keep dreaming, living, and don’t forget to just breathe.