The evening moves a day into an ending, while also, ushering in the night for the moon, stars, and afterlife of the living.

Going Along

This life takes you down paths with no view of the conclusion, yet you keep going along with unknowns ahead.

Sometimes you feel pressure to have an instant resolution, but you must remain patient and keep a cool head.

As the positives may need a few more sunsets to provide a solution, and things can always change as soon as you wake up from bed.


The little cave where water enters and makes a splash, is a great place to find some tranquility. Sometimes you have to go where your heart leads you, often down rough paths, but will eventually bring clarity.


Many days are spent alone, that is just how life on Earth usually goes. Afterall, we are on a journey of our own, striving to find reasons as we move forward chasing tomorrow.

Remember, all roads lead you home, so don’t get caught up in life’s many sorrows.

Up In The Air

On the day things continued to be up in the air, a walk and a splash met to reveal all was in good care. Though at times things seem unfair, this was a reminder to just hang in there.