100, Cien, Cent 🥳

This is the 100th, Cien, Cent post of my blog 🥳 Thank you to everyone who has liked, shared, reposted, and followed my unfolding story🙏 I truly appreciate all of you so much!! You have made my first 6 months of blogging fun, interesting, supportive, and welcoming. Cheers to the first 100 posts and 6Continue reading “100, Cien, Cent 🥳”


Regarding solitude, it definitely changes you and more so, adjusts your attitude. It also, forces you to realize your mood influences your social status, which leads to reasons why you are often excluded. The magnitude of feeling alone, is dependent on your external and internal views of life’s solo interlude. The best way to surviveContinue reading “Solitude”

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The road is riddled with hopelessness, but still the movement is forward, regardless. There is no assurance the outcome will hold bliss, however the heart pulls into the unknown with tenderness. These challenging times seem endless, but that can’t stop this walk in the pursuit of happiness.