Sometimes those random moments, that are quickly captured makes the biggest impact. Now, the sunset is frozen in a photograph and confirms, the best happens by attraction.


A rock holds down it’s own foundation, especially when it is up against many severe weather seasons. Make sure you too are anchored in a solid foundation of strength, for the storm ahead comes with unknown reasons.

Into The Forest

As you walk into the forest, remember the way out. The trees love to play with visitors, so focus on every detail without a doubt. Be kind to the resting life and it will teach you, what the journey is really about.

Frame Of Mind

That moment brought a relaxed frame of mind.

Those adventures rarely come these days, forcing a life confined.

The hope for better times remains, while trying to keep everything within aligned.


Almost lost the self, but mostly got rerouted to find oneself.

Near the ocean where shells are found, that’s where you can finally hear the soothing sound.

While the moment is now sitting in a frame on a shelf, the reminder lives on as something profound.